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Unique 1/1
  • Harmonious ONE Harmony Bot
  • Together in Harmony, powered by Harmony, we are ONE.

    This is a 1/1 unique NFT created by @jtrag on May 12th, 2021 and is also the very first NFT created by @jtrag.

    After purchase, you will see a link to download the original image files including the .xcf file for GIMP.
  • 0xf475b909a1497ea0684d471f93acb4b25d108a1a
  • 5/12/2021, 1:36:59 PM
  • Harmony (ONE) Collection by @JTRAG
  • jtrag collection
  • jtrag collection
  • Harmony, ONE, Harmony ONE, Robot, Bot, Altcoins, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Digital Art, Ethereum
  • Auction ends today
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    5/13/2021, 8:57:46 AMBentley150.00 ONE
    5/13/2021, 3:21:00 AMOG15.00 ONE
    5/13/2021, 1:13:37 AMBentley11.00 ONE
    5/13/2021, 12:56:21 AMOG10.00 ONE
    5/12/2021, 10:04:26 PMSimpleton7.00 ONE
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    5/12/2021 Auction 0x773b9fdc 0x793a4cab 1 7.0000 Open







    Thank you so very much Bentley! And thank you to everyone showing their support and interest as well! I truly appreciate it :-) Best of luck to everyone bidding on this auction! If anyone has any questions or concerns about this NFT or anything else, you can find me in the Discord and Telegram with the username @jtrag If I'm not active on those services at the time, you can send me a PM on them and I'll reply as soon as I see them and get a chance to. Thanks again everyone! Best of wishes to you all!

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