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  • Agatha
  • Trapped in a pile of rhymes Shattered to pieces, on the scattered expanse Baked by the doubtful sun, burning the bush Withered flowers are crushed by the enemy when they are fragrant The rest was blown away by the dry wind, just because it was caused. It will be a long time, not like the old story. Something new If only the sun wasn't this hot, I would have waited when white clouds dance in the blue sky That's my longing heart waiting behind the door For a smile and seduction. I hope the raindrops erase the pain of the shutters And the dew on the leaves is blown away by the heat of everything Even though it was very early at that time. On the horizon it's still orange You know, those dewdrops are leftover tears I spilled on the motherland, spilled our blood. thank
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  • Rarepose6969 collection
  • sensual, romantic, love, art, digital, parisian, draw, paint, woman, girl, beautiful, artistic, nude
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