Crypto Electro Punk #77

Unique 1/1
  • Crypto Electro Punk #77
  • Crypto Electro Punk is my original NFT ( digital art illustration ) that bring the concept freedom of digital future.

    This NFT has the meaning of technological progress and freedom in the future that causes humans to become like a robot, because everything can be done with digital technology in the future.

    Will be ONLY 300 versions 1/1

    So this is will be Very Rare

    Hope you like this NFT and always support original NFT artist.
  • 0xdda4c0f05dff07cb642ecca6f3b2d8bea4efbb4b
  • 11/28/2021, 9:44:30 AM
  • Crypto Electro Punk
  • WODEXZ collection
  • WODEXZ collection
  • WCryptoElectroPunk#77
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    10 % in royalties go to the author
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