Sean Connery, James Bond, 1964, Blue

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  • Sean Connery, James Bond, 1964, Blue
  • Original Artwork by Pietro Psaier and Andy Warhol, Mixed Media on plywood, 1964. United Artists corp. commissioned a one off artwork based on the film’s poster to be displayed at the premier of Thunderball. It is signed by Pietro but was worked on by both himself and Andy Warhol (spray paint background). Digitally restored and enhanced (changed background colour) by JJstudio with the permission of the owner. This high resolution image allows the owner of this NFT to make a large printout similar to the size of the original artwork (69 x 44 inches).
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  • 11/21/2021, 6:49:53 AM
  • James Bond
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  • tobyjacobs collection
  • James Bond Andy Warhol Sean Connery Digital Art Graphic Art Painting
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