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  • Time Short Animation
  • Came up with this idea for the prompt of Time for the FlowDown Stream back in the day.
    I had to stop working on it for a while to do business stuff, but I wanted to put it out this year so I sat back down and went to work on it.
    Happy with how it came out, it’s very creepy and I love that because it’s exactly what I envisioned.
    HF10 did the sound production on it and took it to the next level.
    The story is about Florence Vanderbilt, she is an interdimensional traveler that has been sentenced to death by the Council of Time and Space for altering the eternal timeline.
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  • 1/7/2022, 4:35:44 PM
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  • short, animation, art, time, flash, hand-drawn, nft, animated, cartoon, show, minimovie
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