"Thief" Bored-Ghosts #031

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  • "Thief" Bored-Ghosts #031
  • Hello! Welcome to my authentic series NFT that I called “Bored-Ghosts”.
    Bored-Ghosts are original by me with 28x28 pixel art images, generated algorithmically that come from my own imagination, the ideas comes from movies, anime, and what’s trending on the internet recently.
    Every character are extremely rare and has their own uniqueness, only 1/1 per character and maximal at 100/100 character that minted only in harmony blockchain davinci gallery. Pick some characters of your favorite and make it part of your NFT valuable collections! Thanks!
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  • 11/25/2021, 7:09:14 AM
  • Bored Ghosts
  • Pixelsneverdie collection
  • Pixelsneverdie collection
  • crypto nft pixel punks bored ghosts doodles costume cosplay thief
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