Plant A Tree

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  • Plant A Tree
  • The first of 3 animated paintings. Created to test out the NFT process as well as help the environment. This particular piece is themed around the topic of planting trees, as such, 20% of the profits made from the purchase of this piece will go towards the OneTreePlanted TreeCember Campaign (

    Keep up to date on the blogpost:

    Where I will update with the appropriate picture once the donation has been made as well as update you of future charities we will be supporting and the themes of the next NFts.

    The beautiful sound effect from this piece is called Ceiba RainForest and comes from a wonderful library of great sounds from forests all over the world.

    All art is created by AntonioMabs (
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  • 1/1/2022, 2:21:18 PM
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  • AntonioMabs collection
  • plant a tree, tree, nature, charity, cryptos, mabsarts, animated, moving, alive, earth, antoniomabs
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    20 % in royalties go to the author
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