En Memoria by Kraser

Epic 10/10
  • En Memoria by Kraser
  • This first NFT drop by iconic Spanish street artist and graphic designer Kraser is unlike any other - it was painted in memory of a friend and fellow artist who had recently died. “He used the skull to generate a dialogue in his work. In an exhibition I curated in Milan of Murcian artists, one of them featured a skull with butterflies but it broke in transport and was never exhibited,” Kraser explains.
    Over his 30+ years as a working artist, he has developed a style that conveys emotion through a mix of ironic and dreamlike concepts, while still allowing the viewer to develop their own interpretation. This acrylic painting on canvas took 70 hours to create and it shows Kraser’s stunning detail and powerful iconography.
    This NFT is exclusive to Rekreation.Art. Find us online for more unique artworks from our super talented artists.
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  • 4/25/2021, 4:21:41 AM
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  • Painting, Surrealism, Abstraction art, Old master, Rekreation, Kraser, Skull, Butterflies, Dom's,
  • 1200 ONE / 301.95 USD
    20 % in royalties go to the author
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