Punk Metaverse #1

Unique 1/1
  • Punk Metaverse #1
  • Following massive evolution of metaverse world, i am trying to make a nft collection. After a long long and long thinking i get an idea to named it as Punk Metaverse, with unique series. This nft collection is made and be minted only in Davinci Gallery.

    A young, energic, and cheerful boy. He will brings many experiences for you. His green light eyes is definitely shows a magical hope for around. Keep him and starts to feel a huge miracle.
  • 0x1e750c110586ff1ada8f34ca0113c6001c56c3db
  • 11/25/2021, 10:33:24 AM
  • Face Art
  • BlackShadow collection
  • BlackShadow collection
  • new art anime punk metaverse
  • 200 ONE / 53.66 USD
    10 % in royalties go to the author
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