The Puppet Master

Unique 0/1
  • The Puppet Master
  • Always on the look-out to lure you close, hypnotize you. Once you fall for the trap his sharp claws will inject poison into your blood-stream.. ceasing every last heartbeat.. before he finally, and with grim laughter, adds you to the collection of trophies of his victims.
    [NFT comes with full resolution image in reveal link]
  • 0x0cd98d2ff422b33547fae2e02b22615050c7f0d0
  • 9/15/2021, 3:03:53 PM
  • codewarrior collection
  • sirsapient (1) collection
  • luminous,codewarrior,2D,painting,magic,universe
  • 1000 ONE / 253.88 USD
    10 % in royalties go to the author
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