Angry Cat

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  • Angry Cat
  • "Strawberry Explosion" is a series of images whose sole purpose is to highlight the beauty of strawberries and their importance as a food. All the pieces in this series are made up of High Quality photographs (5184 × 3456 px) later retouched with Photoshop.

    "Photographic Art" is a Collection of photographs highly retouched to give a completely different intention to the images. Both the photos and the Retouching are made by me, the cameras I use are Canon Rebel EOS T3i, BenQ DC-840, Xiaomi Redmi 9A & 9T. The Applications or Software that I use for the retouching are: Photoshop and Smartphone Apps such as Picskit and
    Sketch Master.

    Each image has its own style and I also make limited series with the same style or theme.
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  • Photographic Art
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  • SUP collection
  • Photographic Art photo retouche cat angry
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