Olive Snake (Lycodonomorphus inornatus)

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  • Olive Snake (Lycodonomorphus inornatus)
  • A slow-moving nocturnal snake that is quite similar to the Brown House Snake in behaviour. It averages 45 – 75 cm but reaches 1.3 m in length. Commonly found around houses but prefers damp areas where it hunts for lizards, rodents and other snakes. It is a good climber and will go into trees in search of food.

    Because of its colour, varying from olive-green to light brown or black, it is mistaken for a variety of other snakes including the Black Mamba and the Brown Water snake.

    The Olive snake used to be in the same genus as the House snakes, hence the common name Olive House Snake, but has since been moved to the same genus as the Water snakes.

    This snake is not venomous and poses no threat to humans.
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