Governance / Proposal DV-96

  • Create a Trending Artist Tab

  • Hello, Today I am proposing that da Vinci creates a trending artist tab. The creation of a trending artist tab has multiple benefits, for the consumers, the creators, and the marketplace in general. 1. The Consumer People buy NFT"s for multiple different reasons. They could just like the art or utility an NFT provides or looking to invest. There are different types of investors, short and long-term. Creating a trending artist tab that is based on sales allows the consumer to find collections that are growing fast. Right now the market has a lack of organization. You can not tell what artists are selling and which artists are not without doing extensive research. The consumer is looking to identify hot collections fast. 2. The Creator Giving exposure to those who are producing the most content is not a good idea. This will just lead to the NFT's being mass-produced, with no concern over quality. Reward creators who are putting work in to grow their collection by giving them more exposure. Having trending artist tabs will showcase artists that are actually selling quality content. It will also motivate creators to up their performance so they can be on the trending tab. Providing these benefits to the consumers and creators of da Vinci will make the marketplace better overall. Quality content is now easily identifiable to consumers. There needs to be structure in place that showcases the investing side of NFT's which da Vinci lacks right now. Add elements to overcome this problem and da Vinci is in a great place for massive growth, which benefits everyone!
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  • 2021-12-04
  • 2021-12-14

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