Governance / Proposal DV-6

  • 5 - 10 ONEs to MINT more !!!

  • Hello @everyone, There are plenty of artists and good people which need a good and trustworthy marketplace where they can showcase and sell their work, but at the same time there are also and many bad actors, why? Because Harmony's blockchain offers low-fee and permission-less transactions with 2sec finality. In translation, this lightning fast and low cost blockchain of Harmony, it will always attract malicious actors who will spam the network with their minting transactions. The daily limit, meaning the number of NFTs you can mint in 24h at the moment is: *Unverified artists: 1 NFT / 24h *Verified artists: 5 NFTs / 24h In my opinion and after the discussions seen in daVinci's telegram channel, I think everyone chose to expose their NFTs on the daVinci platform due to the fact that this network is cheap, fast and has a strong and incredible community. But these daily limits doesn't encourage to much the newcomers and also it is frustrating for some of the current users of daVinci Marketplace! *Conclusion: "those people with good intentions, unverified, new comers" from my point of view, suffer the most and they might be discouraged from using/testing daVinci marketplace further! The limit for verified artists is also to low, and in my opinion at some point they might start feeling discouraged as well from using further daVinci. *Proposal: In order to avoid the malicious actors and to avoid the frustration of these daily limits, I suggest the implementation of a 5 or 10 ONEs fee for each NFT minted. This fee it will be paid after the 1st FREE to Mint NFT for UNVERIFIED artists, respectively 5 FREE NFTs for VERIFIED artists. So, if you want to mint more, you pay a FEE. Now, idk if all the platform users should be "punished" by paying this fee because of bad actors, this decision is yours, but if you really care about your work and want to exhibit your art on daVinci without daily limits, then this fee may be the answer! Thanks to all who will vote!
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  • 2021-06-27
  • 2021-06-30

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