Governance / Proposal DV-3

  • Power To NFT Holders

  • Currently voting for governance is only looking at your current wallet balance when you vote. This could easily be corrupted by people who don't even use the system. I propose that we give voting power to people who hold NFT's from verified creators. For this proposal one third of price of the purchased NFT in ONE goes to governments power for each qualifying NFT that the person owns. This would give people who hold NFT's on daVinci more voting power without having to refrain from buying NFT's or using their ONE in other protocols to have voting power. There is a sort of exploit that a verified artist could by buy their own work to get voting power from another wallet. That's why in my proposal only 1/3 the value of the held NFT is awarded as governance power. Another thing is the NFT must be purchased to give them voting power. NFT's that were given-out don't have a purchased history in ONE so if it was given by a verified artist it wouldn't give voting power.
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  • 2021-06-07
  • 2021-06-17

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    Weighted voting based on VINCI balance

  • • 1 Vote - From 100 to 1,000 VINCI
  • • 2 Votes - From 1,001 to 10,000 VINCI
  • • 3 Votes - From 10,001 to 100,000 VINCI
  • • 4 Votes - From 100,001 to 1,000,000 VINCI
  • • 5 Votes - More than 1,000,000 VINCI