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  • In a small apartment in the big city of Seoul, living with a dog and a cat Sejin has been drawing and writing night and day (especially at night) for years with the dream of one day being self-sufficient and making a living from her art. Passionate about books, stories, fantasy, and fiction, she often seems preoccupied, as characters and stories continually arise in her head always asking her to bring them to life. She fancies the summer, coffee, and poems, she does not have a television but would love to buy one of those old radios, she does listen to podcasts frequently, in fact, she leads one for years that is quite popular, but this is a secret. She runs and exercises every day, and her inclination for sweets causes her to have to endure on a continuous everlasting diet! She is continually inspired by music, she loves to see people smile and sleeps every night at a late time with the sounds of the sea and rain, she always dreams, and every dream is an adventure!
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