BATAK Collection #8

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  • BATAK Collection #8
  • "BATAK Collection" is a series of retouched photographs where I portray my Cat "Batak" in different perspectives and situations. Tenderness, love, respect for animals and the beauty of adopting a homeless kitten are represented in this collection.

    I adopted Batak more than 9 years ago, my parents found her abandoned in the parking lot of a supermarket one very rainy night, she was very small (she must have been about 4 months old); so my parents decided to bring her home to safeguard her. I fell in love with her and adopted her, since then she has been my little furry daughter.

    I worked through each of the images in this collection carefully, leaving no random adjustments during Retouching and Filtering. In this first stage of the collection I present very colorful images taking advantage of the yellow and orange tones of Batak's fur.
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