Demon Head by Mike Gallo

Epic 9/10
  • Demon Head by Mike Gallo
  • This 4-layer stencil is the first NFT offering from hardcore pioneers Agnostic Front bassist and artist Mike Gallo. He developed a passion for graffiti as a teenager when it exploded as an art form in the 80s New York scene. It wasn’t long before he found the close ties between the hardcore music scene and graffiti scene and became immersed in both.
    This NFT is exclusive to Rekreation.Art. Find us online for more unique artworks from our super talented artists.
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  • 4/26/2021, 8:57:06 AM
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  • Street art, Stencil, Agnostic Front, New York artists, Graffiti, Demon, Mike Gallo, Rekreation
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    20 % in royalties go to the author
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