The Pink Dog Project by Dafna Barel

Epic 8/10
  • The Pink Dog Project by Dafna Barel
  • Dafna Barel renowned model and pin-up artist have collaborated with photographer Ella Barak for their first-ever NFT project #thepinkdogproject.

    They started this series during the pandemic to present a utopian atmosphere during dystopian times. The title is self-explanatory, it's all about pink, vintage and cute dogs. The pair create custom scenes and outfits for the project and shoot it old-school style with an analog camera Mamiya 645. 

    This NFT is exclusive to Rekreation.Art. Find us online for more unique artworks from our super talented artists.
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  • 4/25/2021, 3:51:48 AM
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  • model, vintage, dogs, pin up girl, photography, cute, pink, rekreation, #thepinkdogproject
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