Party Pit-bull - By Natalia Zielińska

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  • Party Pit-bull - By Natalia Zielińska
  • Natalia Zielińska first-ever NFT is driven by her love of dogs that is evident in her personal art, with her series of 3D doggies. She spent years at art school refining and developing her skills, sculpting in wood, and has since discovered 3D digital design. Despite her youth, she is not only kicking goals in her career as a 3D artist in the games industry, but she is also staying true to her passions as a multi-talented and multi-disciplined artist. She is signed to Find us online for more unique artworks from our super talented artists.
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  • 4/23/2021, 9:17:41 AM
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  • 3D art, Dogs, Animal lover, 3Digitalart, 3Dmodeling, 3Dartist, 3Dprinting, Pitbull, Cute designs,
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