Wendy Alien is Hungry

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  • Wendy Alien is Hungry
  • "Harmony Anime" is a collection of Anime-style Art, each character in this collection is unique; and of each one of these only a single version will be made. You will not see this character tokenized again with another background, another hair style, or another outfit; each NFT in this collection will correspond to a different character.

    This collection is characterized by showing a clear sense of belonging to the Harmony One BlockChain and daVinci Gallery, expressed in the fact that I only publish my Art on this site and only tokenize with One.

    If you want to use these avatars as a profile photo of your social networks or your account in daVinci or anywhere else; I guarantee that you will have a unique and unrepeatable profile that will not coincide with any other profile of any other user due to the great rarity of these characters.
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  • 5/6/2022, 4:37:45 PM
  • Harmony Anime
  • SUP collection
  • SUP collection
  • art
  • 150 ONE / 3.71 USD
    10 % in royalties go to the author
  • One payment confirmation required
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