Stage Asset 4 Nostalgea

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  • Stage Asset 4 Nostalgea
  • Set up your rocking live show with this awesome main stage asset. Includes lights, and monitors so your performers can hear themselves ;) and a closed and open curtain as well as a smaller stage for more intimate venues. Mix and match to create the perfect stage set-up for your next event. You can also combine it with the Speakers Asset to really get the party started. Whether you're giving a TED talk or rocking out, this elevated stage will put you on the next level.
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  • 5/16/2022, 1:35:08 PM
  • Nostalgea Assets by Mabs
  • AntonioMabs collection
  • QFamilyCrypto (1) collection
  • crypto arcade, arcade, mabs, mabstronauts, pixel art, nostalgea, assets
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